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Getting a Competitive Advantage in a Tough Job Market

·     According to a recent Chicago Tribune article, “Unemployment for 20- to 24-year-olds hit a record high of more than 17 percent earlier this year.”

·   Graduating seniors wonder how they will compete in the job market against currently out-of-work people with years of practical experience. 

·   As businesses turn to consulting firms for their needed projects and staffing, Consulting may be the one industry that provides ample opportunity for entry level job seekers.

·      It’s not enough today to simply have a degree in a major field such as Accounting, Information Technology, Marketing, etc.  A job seeker today needs to also have knowledge of the soft skills required to be successful in Consulting.

·     In Consulting 101, Lew Sauder provides 101 suggestions for anyone considering a career in consulting to be successful.

·       Mr. Sauder uses case studies to provide tips on client relations, career management, client expectation setting, sales and communication. 


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708/243-1944 or by email at Lew@Consulting101Book.com.


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